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Chimney Stainless Steel Relining:

Gives new life to unlined or damaged chimneys that would otherwise have to be completely rebuilt from the ground up. Gas flue relining is similar, but they are manufactured to handle gas furnace fumes. A new gas flue liner helps prevent deadly carbon monoxide from penetrating through your deteriorated or blocked chimney.

What To Look For:

I often see liners that are not installed according to code. Many companies sell and install liners, but few take the time to install them according to code so that the liner actually performs the way it should. At A-1 we always take the extra time to properly install your new liner. In fact, Copperfield, the nations' largest supplier of chimney liners, has officially recognized A-1 Rooftop chimney sweep as one of the nations' leading installers of chimney liners.

Returns A Deteriorating Unsafe Chimney To Full Code Compliance Quickly And Economically.

Contractors put gas furnaces in homes with masonry chimneys for 40 years before they finally realized that gas burning does great damage to masonry! In the mid-90's the code was changed to make it illegal to combine gas furnaces with masonry, but there are 40 years' worth of homes that need gas liners inserted into their masonry chimneys to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Sometimes a liner can provide the needed protection, but if a chimney has advanced deterioration, it may require refurbishing.

What to look for:

Beware of businesses that outsource masonry work. You might like the person bidding on your job, but there's a good chance that someone else - often someone who couldn't get the job on his own - will show up to do the work. At A-1 Rooftop chimney sweep, we never outsource our work, so you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that our expert masons and certified sweeps are the people that will be working on your home. We can repair your masonry work and we excel in restoration work. Our masonry work is guaranteed for a year including parts and labor!
Masons smooths mortar joint in chimney — chimney repair in Deer Park, WA

Tuck Pointing

- Replace Missing Or Loose Mortar In Brick Chimneys
If we can catch a chimney before it deteriorates to the point that rebuilding is required, we can use a method called tuck pointing to restore structural integrity to your chimney. We remove loose mortar and replace it with new, providing an economical solution and making your chimney basically good as new.

What to look for:

Quick pointing is a common service, though there's often a big difference in the quality of work. Look for clean work with sharp lines, no air pockets, and samples of work that has stood the test of time. Our Quick Point TM industrial tool's auger system fires mortar into crevices, enabling us to work quickly without air pockets forming in the mortar.
Red roof and smoke stack — chimney in Deer Park, WA


Protects Chimneys From Rain And Water Damage. Chimneys are damaged by extreme temperatures, snow, sunrays, wind, and rain. Damage from rainwater is particularly common because bricks are so porous that they soak up water like a sponge. The American Brick institute says that you don't want to put a sealer on exterior brick. Water can still get in, but can't get out. The result is a damaged chimney, and it's is a serious problem; it can create dangerous living conditions and cost thousands of dollars to repair. The best way to stay safe and save money is to prevent problems from occurring. To stop deterioration due to water damage, your chimney sweep may recommend a Crown Seal to prevent water penetration through the top of your chimney, or a Crown replacement for chimneys with more severe deterioration.

What To Look For:

Never use popular commercial waterproofing sealants that actually accelerate damage by sealing moisture into the bricks. Look for Chimney Saver products which are available only through chimney professionals. This long-lasting treatment actually changes the polarity of the bricks so that they repel water like a magnet.
Chimney on orange and blue sky — chimney in Deer Park, WA

Chimney Caps

Prevents Rain, Animals, Leaves And Debris. Obstructions in your chimney can cause fire and carbon monoxide hazards. The easiest way to prevent these problems is to install a chimney cap.

What To Look For:

Choose a Stainless Steel Cap that includes a lifetime warranty, and make sure that a fully certified sweep takes the time to install it correctly.
Side of House — chimney in Deer Park, WA

Class A Chimney Installation or Replacement:

We install metal chimneys, or replace them when they are no longer performing adequately. These chimneys usually reach the end of useful life after 30 years or sooner, if they are exposed to excessive heat.

Accessories For Safe Burning:

ACS chemical, stoves, gaskets, grates, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, doors tool sets.

Wood Burning Stoves:

We sell stoves for home heating.

Woodstove Installation:

We install woodstoves according to local and national building codes.